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Submissionary Silla
28 January 1985
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Silla was born at a young age in Austin; despite the undeniable atmosphere of the area, she remains, unfortunately, heterosexual, possibly due to her relocation to San Antonio at the age of one. She went to school at some places and did some other stuff after that, but she is NOT A COMMUNIST, I SWEAR TO GOD IT'S A LIE, I'M-- I MEAN she is definitely a capitalist. She's so capitalist it hurts. Repeatedly. In the face.
age of apocalypse, akio/sakaki, alan rickman, alexander hamilton, alligator wrestling, amazon trio, androgyny, arthurian legends, auron, bad science, batman beyond, beatrice portinari, beatrix, bees, bertie wooster, biscuits, black ops for jesus, booster gold's ass, botany, bowser, brad swaile, bran davies, broccoli, buttered popcorn jelly beans, cake doughnuts, capitalism, chicken, clavicles, comic books, communism, conchoidal fracture, cows, dar williams, darkwing duck, developing an oral fixation, dick grayson's thighs, dionysus, directions of destiny, dr pepper, dragonflies, drawing, eastern europe, eating flowers, enjolras, fakir, falco lombardi, frederick the great, frozen peas, gay business, godzilla, gossamer, grackles, guybrush threepwood, hanatarou, hans tseng, harley quinn, honey, howell jenkins, hygiene, illuminated manuscripts, inspector javert, invader zim, j'onn j'onzz, james franco, jamie ratliff, jeff buckley, joe madureira, julian sands, justice, kahlil gibran, katma tui, l, la divina commedia, league of extraordinary gentlemen, leeks, legend of zelda, libelle phrotus, linguistics, manga, manta rays, marc hempel, maxwell lord, meowth, mitochondria, monkees, muppet treasure island, mythology, nathan bitner, neko case, nintendo, nintendo adventure books, pandas, penguins, peppermint milkshakes, perelandra, peter tork, petite princess yucie, photosynthesis, princess bride, princess tutu, professor tomoe, queen, quentin compson, rachael lillis, raskolnikov, religion, remiel, reservoir dogs, reversible covers, russian, saint-saens, salt, scalpels, sea of flames, seamus harper, sedimentary rock, severus snape, shall we dance?, sharks, sheep, singing, spiders, spooky blue lights, starmie, stephen colbert, super mario rpg, symphony bars, syringes, t.s. eliot, taco cabana, team rocket, teletubbies, terrance & phillip, the dark is rising, thlayli, three-piece suits, tim roth, tree climbing, ultron's face, utena, vegetation, video games, voice acting, wales, wax juice bottle candies, weepinbell, widow's peaks, x-men, xenosaga, Винни-Пух