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His whiteness is an optical illusion [Jan. 22nd, 2009|03:32 am]
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Date:January 24th, 2009 - 03:52 am
* Season 3 Katara is a huger bitch
* Azula gets more magnificent
* The owl librarian really is one of the high points of the whole show.
* I don't think not having heard the right argument yet was Jet's problem :\
* I might be remembering wrong, but isn't the water tribe sort of reclusive at this point, where maybe the rest of the world wouldn't know too much about them? Although, yeah, if healing is that big a part of their culture, you'd think that would be one of the details people would remember about them. I don't know :c
* seriously, Katara, screw you for that "whatever, who the hell would want to learn a dumb skill like HEALING anyway!!" attitude. <-- Welllll, it was more just about being told 'no,' wasn't it?
* "Gosh, my cultural mores ARE stupid! Why didn't anyone tell me!" <-- NOT HOW IT WORKS, THANKS
* Wow, episode, you just showed the heroes abandoning a dude to die in the sinking library! Would you like to deal with that at all? ...No? Well, okay. :B <-- Still laughing at this.
* Does Ty Lee have X-ray vision, or does she just assume that guys in big robes are muscle-y? <-- W-what? I forget this one.
* I love Sokka! He's so well adjusted. He's like the only person on the show who can take a joke at his own expense and can live with people not telling him how awesome he is all the time. Well, him and Iroh. But yeah, I watched it with my brother when I was getting him into Avatar, and one of his biggest things was how Sokka got no love at all.
* I think whoever did Koh was my favorite voice.
* I also think I might want "Can your SCIENCE explain why it RAINS?" on a shirt or something.
* "It just says... 'bear.'"

Anyway. I'm sorry about your grandpa. I'm proud of him though, if that doesn't sound weird.
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Date:January 24th, 2009 - 10:38 pm
* Right?! I mean, Iroh was amazing and wonderful right from the start, but it wasn't until Aang got all attitude-y and Iroh started saving the futures of people who tried to mug him that I completely noticed it.
* in re: arguing with Jet.
...well, yeah, fair enough. But even so, it was just such an obvious point to make, it was galling when nobody made it. :( (Maybe they figured it was so obvious, there was no need to say it...?)
* Welllll, it was more just about being told 'no,' wasn't it?
Well, yeah, but it still offended me on behalf of support characters everywhere. ;_;
* "Gosh, my cultural mores ARE stupid! Why didn't anyone tell me!" <-- NOT HOW IT WORKS, THANKS
what are you talking about that is totally how it works and how all societal progress in the history of the world has ever been made.
(Along the same lines was Katara's trying to rile up the Earthbenders on the metal prison rig. I don't think she ever figured out that it was wrong for her to view their reluctance to fight as a moral failing.)
* in re: Ty Lee's X-ray vision: on the episode where they're drilling through the wall of Ba Sing Se, someone makes a comment along the lines of "nothing will get in our way now" and she says "What about those muscley guys?" But when they cut to the dudes, their muscles are all hidden! D:
* Sokka is great, and season 1 definitely... walked on him a bit. I think the way he gets all the chicks from then on was the creators' way of making it up to him.
* KOH'S VOICE WAS AWESOME. I had to look him up on IMDB, and then when I saw that he wasn't in any other episodes, I was like "WHAT."
* bear ♥

Thank you. It doesn't sound weird.