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But fer serious, think about that island. [Dec. 19th, 2008|12:54 am]
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this is like, the second time in a month (and the 2,395,294th time in my life) that I've accidentally opened some download in Winamp / hit the wrong button and removed everything except the current item instead of removing the current item, and ended up with MY PLAYLIST GONE. I've gotten back in the habit of saving my playlist pretty regularly, so I don't think I've lost anything off it that I'll have to go hunting down in some obscure directory, but... MOTHERFUCKER!! (especially since I was gradually remembering to take off Nobuo Uematsu tracks that I don't like all that much, and thus preventing my last.fm stats from being insanely biased towards his stuff, and now all my good work is UNDONE) (well maybe now I'll fucking save my current playlist after every single time I remove an item!!! just to teach them a lesson!!) (who the hell is "them"?!)

Let's talk about Animal Crossing: City Folk!

  • I originally thought this was going to be an MMO of some sort-- like, with people moving into various 'Cities' with other players and stuff, or a hometown that was as normal but a city that was, you know, an online thing. That isn't the case at all, though--it's just the same game again, but with a new location you can go to. I mean, I love the City and all (I like talking with Kapp'n and I like the stores and stuff there), and obviously I love Animal Crossing, but... hm.
  • I mean, on some level I'm probably glad there's not a huge multiplayer component, at least not right off the bat. I like being able to take those things at a pretty leisurely pace and only see/team up with other actual players once I'm very confident and comfortable with the game. But, geez, I dunno. I was kind of expecting it to actually be a whole new game this time, or at least have pretty major updates. The changes and tweaks they've made between versions have almost overwhelmingly been positive ones, but the progress is so incremental, you know?
  • So, uh... anyone know if there are plans to have downloadable updates and patches and stuff?
  • Among the most frustrating things for me (if not the single most frustrating thing) about the earlier iterations was the painting-buying thing. You can only buy one of the damn things every week, and over half the time (actually, I'm at 100% so far) it turns out to be a forgery anyway. I would have been happy if anything had been done to address this--twice as many opportunities to buy one, for instance, or the ability to confront Redd about it and then have him sell you the real one (even at a huge markup)--but no. Nothing. B| (You can't even buy insurance anymore...)
  • A lot of the new "pro" outfits are super cute, though! And so are many of the new hairstyles. Although, why can't you have black or purple hair? :/
  • Kicks is super cute! ...but I wish you could control what kind of shoes he gives you a little better. 8( You can only get them changed once a day, and a lot of the time he won't be there at all, so I've ended up stuck with horrible shoes quite a few times. It wouldn't be as much of a problem if I weren't so vain, I guess...
  • I was hoping I'd be able to form a relationship with Labelle the way you can with Sable or Brewster, but she never seems to change what she says to me... :< I thought I would be able to since once after I bougth something she accidentally said "Y'all come back now, you hear??" before quickly correcting herself, but... since then she hasn't done that... and nothing else has changed. 8( (And I don't have enough ca$h to buy things from GracieGrace on such a regular basis!!)
  • Speaking of Sable, I could've sworn that in prior games, she had a few more days of opening up to you with backstory before you were 'finished' and she got to just remarking on the day of the week... eh, maybe not, though. ... Either way, I'm disappointed that her day-of-the-week comments are almost entirely identical to the ones in WW. =_=
  • Is it just me or does Nook take way longer to upgrade his store now? I know that, like, in Wild World, you couldn't get Nookington's until a friend had visited, so there's probably something like that here. But man, it seems like he was at Nook'n'Go for-freakin'-ever.
  • Coelacanth seem a lot easier to catch now. Maybe I've just been lucky, though? (I've already caught like four, and in WW, I went through weeks/months of frustration trying to get one even when the season and conditions were right. They swam away really fast after taking the bait.)
  • We still only have our native fruit (oranges) and coconuts, lol. I haven't even gotten my Friend Code yet. :'D
  • Oh! Um, so like, you know grumpy guys and snobby girls (if you don't know, then I'll tell you: there are grumpy guys and snobby girls)? ...they seem to have gotten a lot nicer. ...Like, I remember in the Gamecube one, Static was downright surly to me for a long time, although of course he was super sweet once we became friends. And Pecan and Kitty were straight-up bitches with rare flashes of adorableness. (Um, not that their bitchiness wasn't also adorable...) But now, the animals with those personality types... don't really seem mean at all. They'll occasionally make a reference to the fact that they're not all that nice, but they never get around to actually being not nice. (In fact, the 'grumpy' personality type seems to somehow have morphed into an 'old man' personality type...) ... I want my mean animals back. ;~;
  • ...But I finally got offered a boy's haircut at Shampoodle! 8D
  • Okay I can't think of anything else.

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